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Top Five Polishes...

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Mon Jun 23 2008, 05:17pm

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Location: Manchester
I Machine polish with Menz IP or Final finish depending on severity of the defects. Do IP first then Final Finish after and the shine is brilliant.

Then I use the megs 3 system thing but not as what they say it is for. Stage 1 is more of a paint cleaner so use that stage 2 is a glaze which gives deep reflections and then I use Dodo Juice Orange crush for the wax. All of it gives a good shine I didn't put the glaze on this weekend though I just could not be bothered . But it does make a difference to the shine of the car.
Baggie Austin   
Mon Jun 23 2008, 05:32pm
I use Autoglym high resin polish, always have done on bike and car, think its great and leaves the car so shiny

Use turtle wax wheels wax for the rims, centre of them is dark so does not show up dirt really, but they have a chrome rim that gets dirty so easily!!!
Sun Jun 07 2009, 12:16pm
Hi guys,I just waxed my C4 today with Harly Wax.It is a carnauba wax and is quite possibly the best on the planet.I have tried many many waxes in my time but this stuff is fantastic.Not sure if pic does justice to just how brilliant it is.

Mon Jun 08 2009, 08:30am
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Diamondbrite car care system for me!
Mon Oct 18 2010, 05:03am
Comma Car Polish is excellent value for money. I would recommend this to anyone.
Mon Oct 18 2010, 11:05am
SWMBO is the best polish I know.

No effort at alll !!!!!

Mon Oct 18 2010, 12:19pm
Well im new to polishing since old cars was White But Autogylm resin polish is good, and my car comes up brillantly even after say 4-5 washes after using turtle wax car shampooooo
Mon Oct 18 2010, 01:39pm

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Location: Northumberland
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