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ATE (Teves) Caliper Spares for C4II B7 Avoid Ridex

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Tue Oct 10 2023, 02:55am
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Hi, our C4II (B7) is now over 10 years old and getting quite a bit of use after a few years of very light useage. ATE front calipers were due replacement guide pins and guide sleeves so along with new disks and pads, I placed an order on Autodoc for a Ridex kit part number 1165G0019. See attached image of packet.

This ATE caliper slides on two pins inside two rubber bushes. From the factory, the top and bottom rubber are NOT identical. One of these bushes actually has a slotted nylon bush inside it which carries the reaction loads and the rubber around this is very thin and merely serves to keep out any dirt.

ATE list the spares bushes as part number 11.0101-5704.2 Guide Sleeve Kit, Brake Caliper. They are not expensive, less than £10 per caliper but very hard to buy in the UK. This what they look like.
- Click Here -

The Ridex bushes are not very good, being just plain rubber for both bushes and no nylon insert. AVOID. Note it appears that other brands of guide bushes available in the UK such as FRENTECH are also just plain rubber, avoid them too.

If you do use the plain rubber bushes, you may well end up with a sticking/dragging caliper (guess how I know)


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