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Aircon evaporator removal

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Mon Sep 25 2023, 10:40am
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Joined: Sep 21 2023
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I have posted a few questions on this topic earlier. I have finally managed to get the evaporator out after having removed the dashboard.

Even though my evaporator looks fine, since I have taken it out I am going to change it, however it seems to be out of stock everywhere. What I have noticed is that on the few sites that show the picture of the evaporator, it is sold with the two aluminium tubes attached to it. As I did not know how to detach the tubes from the engine bay side, I unclipped them from the evaporator side. Was that a mistake?

If I must detach from the engine bay side, how do I access the connection, the engine seems to be in the way! I fear that while wiggling the tubes to remove the evaporator I may have broken the seal at the other end if that is where they are meant to be detached.

Must I remove the complete plastic heating/vent unit that is in the middle of the car?

Other question, the evaporator was full of refrigerant liquid, so if it was dud would it not have been leaking? There was no leak anywhere before I removed the aluminium tubes.

Any help would be great as I am truly stuck here.

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