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C4 Grand Picasso : Cannot select gear to N , A1 flashing all the times, cannot start the car

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Sun May 14 2023, 01:01pm
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Joined: May 14 2023
Location: London
Car : Citroen C4 Grand Picasso
Year : 2006
Gearbox : Auto (semi Auto)
Ending : 2.0 Petrol

I bought this car from my friend and it was standing for nearly 9 months , battery flat . I have put the new battery and it is 100% charged. There were 1 fuse was blown on the top of the battery, i have replaced it.
The problem I am facing , when I turn the key to start the car , it shows message to put in N and press brakes.
When I press brake and select N from selector than it start flashing A1 and no sound nothing .
No sound at all of the starter motor.
Dashboard always go in Economy mode and only way to take the key out or leave the battery disconnected then try again but still A1 flashing .

I have googled and clear all the contacts of the fuse on top of the battery.
Please help , don't know what to do next.
Thanks for your support
Sun May 14 2023, 01:17pm
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Joined: Sep 21 2018
Location: Republic of Serbia
Probably gear selector, you can try do dismantle it and clean, or buy a used one. There are 3 variants, so you have to check yours before buying. You will see big letter on selector once you remove cover. It should be either A, B or M
Mon May 15 2023, 03:09pm
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Joined: Apr 10 2022
Location: Denmark west part
I would guess there might be some problems with a wire that give power to the gearbox.
What happens if you go to reverse and the. Back to neutral?
Wed May 24 2023, 05:46am
Member No: #59993
Joined: Aug 12 2022
Location: Norway
I had the same issues, it was a really easy fix, found the solution on Youtube:
- Click Here -

Note that the cracks in the solder joints are probably not visible to the naked eye. Just resolder them all with some fresh solder.

Hope this works for you, good luck.
Wed May 24 2023, 12:25pm
Member No: #52161
Joined: Sep 21 2018
Location: Republic of Serbia
I didnt have luck with soldering, in the end, I took another used one.
Sun May 28 2023, 03:18pm
Member No: #60002
Joined: Aug 15 2022
Location: Malaga
Engine bay fuse box: There is green 35A relay that feeds the gearbox and starter solenoid. They overheat and become tempramental. Look for burn marks on the underside.
You CAN get the car going by hot wiring the starter solenoid to the battery with someone else at the wheel. Like jump sarting the car, a bit iffy but do it from the side of the car. Once the car starts...it shoul shift to neutral.
Make sure you ALWAYS park it in neutral until you get a solenoid. Then you can hot wire it safely!!

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