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Mon May 08 2023, 06:08am
Member No: #53562
Joined: Apr 21 2019
Location: Manchester
Does anybody know where I will find the fuse for the fan, as cannot find it the the owners manual, please help its getting very foggy in my car
Mon May 08 2023, 01:34pm
Member No: #59597
Joined: Apr 10 2022
Location: Denmark west part
If it is like the c4grand Picasso - there may be a blower under a plastic cover in the right foot well? The motor is turning down, i had mine seize when we were at a hospital for over a week, i fixed it by blowing wd40 up a small hole at the back of the engine, then i think it by giving full power on the blower it startet up chugging and then i kept spraying and spraying different oils and rustremovers like wd40, and in the end the oil that came out became clear in color. It needs such a treatment from time to time.

I dont know where the fuse is, have you looked in the owners manual? There should be a fuse diagram.
Tue May 09 2023, 03:23am
Member No: #48843
Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
Could be one of the hidden ones on the battery block fuses, I think on the underside.

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