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EGR valve possible issue?

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Sat Apr 08 2023, 02:42am
Member No: #60363
Joined: Jan 01 2023
Location: Serbia
Picasso 2018 1.6hdi 88kw. I have some vibrations inside cabin that no mechanic could figure out. They checked engine mounts, injectors, I replaced DMF and clutch.

I have vibrations on idle that are present in cabin, on steering wheel, gearbox shifter, seat… They’re not huge but they are present and annoying. Engine runs smooth, doesn’t stutter, no smoke, normal fuel consumption. But there is bit of knocking when engine is cold, and engine seems to run bit louder/rougher.

I know this isn’t normal behavior as the vibrations know to disappear out of random. Last time I drove like 100km on highway and the vibrations were gone. But came back tomorrow. Or, I start the car in morning and there are no vibrations, but as I turn the car off and on they’re back.

So, I bought OBD module, installed Car Scanner app and there are no errors, but I checked value in real time reading called EGR Error.

When on idle, that EGR error value is around 30-40%. When I press throttle it goes to 0. I was driving and monitoring and when I press throttle it is always 0, but when I change gears or stop and light it goes back to 30-40%.

So, I’m assuming EGR valve doesn’t close properly when it should but opens when it should. Is that right?

So I’m thinking about cleaning it, and wondering where it is located as I don’t seem to find any instructions online. Also, what are your thoughts on that? Could dirty EGR cause that kind of vibrations?
Sat Apr 08 2023, 02:38pm
Member No: #52161
Joined: Sep 21 2018
Location: Republic of Serbia
You should have a warning light if EGR is faulty. Of course, they can get dirty and should be cleaned in that case.
Sat Apr 08 2023, 03:24pm
Member No: #60363
Joined: Jan 01 2023
Location: Serbia
There’s no check engine error. I noticed that if I drive longer like 150km and stop I notice that vibrations are less present out go away

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