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Get a quote in 7.5 minutes!

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Fri Mar 17 2023, 06:09am
Member No: #2013
Joined: Jan 23 2008
Location: Hastings, East Sussex
We know that hanging around on the phone for ages listening to awful hold music is never enjoyable. It can be even more frustrating if you then have to go through a scripted conversation with someone in a call centre.

That’s why, at Chris Knott Insurance, we believe in the personal touch.

When you give us a call, you’ll get through to our team in less than 3 minutes. You’ll then be able to have a friendly chat with one of our qualified brokers where you’ll be free to ask as many questions you like! This means that you can be completely confident about the insurance offered for your prized motor.

On average, you walk away with a quote in as little as 7.5 minutes.

If you decide to go ahead, you can enjoy an exclusive competition-beating premium and get a kick-back reward for your club. It’s a win-win!

If you have any other questions, feel free to chat to me or take a look at our webpage on Owners Club Insurance: https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/motor-insurance/owners-club-insurance/

All the best,

Fri Mar 17 2023, 02:11pm
Member No: #1731
Joined: Dec 15 2007
Location: Walsall West Midlands
Whilst I have renewed once with yourselves many moons ago unfortunately you are unable to compete with insurance companies directly. Having a C4 together with a superb driving/NCB record, living in a low crime area the quote I received from you last year was in excess of £150 more than my renewal. I am sure your broker fees and insuring higher risk modified cars contribute to your higher premiums which clearly makes a place for yourselves in the insurance market. The moral of course is always to do a trawl of reputable companies on comparison sites at renewal time each year.
Sat Mar 18 2023, 05:15am
Member No: #48843
Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
Plus an "average" of 7.5 minutes? could mean some poor guy is on the phone for an hour or more trying to get a quote.

I've also tried these car forum scroungers a few times, never been cheaper than dealing direct to the insurance company.

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