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Thinking of buying

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Sat Jan 28 2023, 06:47am
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Joined: Jan 28 2023
Location: Sheffield
Hi all I’m new to the forum and I am thinking of buying a c4 Picasso 2015 exclusive plus from a reputable dealer. It has all the service history for services but I was wondering what belts should have been changed as it has done 81000 miles. I have read loads and it saying aux belts should be done about 80000. Also what is the Eloyis fluid is it something similar to add blu. Do the dpf filters cause much trouble as I’m now coming up to 70 and want something comfortable for my latter years.
Sat Jan 28 2023, 11:04am
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Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
No, EOLYS and Adble are completely different. All early diesel Picassos had the EOLYS system to assist with regeneration of the DPF by injecting fluid into the diesel in the fuel tank. The Blue versions, starting with the 2.0 HDi about 2013 had the Adblue system fitted as well as EOLYS to reduce nitrogen oxides in the exhaust, and is injected before the catalyst. I havent heard much about DPF issues in recent years, but it is a relatively cheap job to have the DPF cleaned out; my Citroen agent used to provide the service. The more likely issues you may face are with the Adblue system. If you get a warning and topping up the tank (or if the tank is full) then either an exhaust sensor (cost ~£400) or the Adblue tank (~£1000) are at fault. If faults are not rectified the car eventually will not start.

As for belts, I'm not sure about the recommended mileage for the auxilliary belt, but the cambelt has an official mileage of about 120,000 miles, although it would be prudent to have it changed much earlier.
Sat Jan 28 2023, 11:44am
Member No: #60433
Joined: Jan 28 2023
Location: Sheffield
Thank you for your reply. I presume the 2015 will have both

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