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ESP / ASR Faulty warning - Grand C4 Picasso 2010

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Thu Dec 22 2022, 04:52am
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Joined: Dec 22 2022
Location: UK

Looking for some help with our Grand C4 Picasso vtr+ (2010), hopefully!! Video here:

- Click Here -

I am getting an ' ESP / ASR system faulty' message flashing on screen, followed immediately by 'Parking brake faulty'. Along with this there is a beep and the SERVICE, ABS, ESP and AUTO (P) OFF lights come on. This flashes on and disappears immediately. Sometimes this happens several times in a row in quick succession. Only seems to happen on dual carriage ways or motorways. I don't know if this is also relevant but the ' ESP OFF' button on the dash does not seem to do anything (am I right in presuming this should light up when pressed and disables the ESP function?

Has anyone got any experience with this issue? On a side note, is there any way of muting the beep that accompanies the warning messages?

Many thanks! Hoping someone has an idea of what might be going on!

Thu Dec 22 2022, 06:47am
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Joined: Sep 21 2018
Location: Republic of Serbia
We can say, a common problem. I have that warning once a year. It can be brake light switch behind the pedal, or ABS sensor on some of the wheels, or magnetic ring on some of the wheels (ABS). I wasn't able to pinpoint in my case what it is. But I suspect that it is brake light switch since that is part I have personally changed. I have cheap Bluetooth scanner and it can't read any faults in ECU.
Thu Dec 22 2022, 03:00pm
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Joined: Apr 10 2022
Location: Denmark west part
Did you activate the p brake the first time it came on? Do the switch feel normal?
Also if any fault happens in the abs system, these things stop working. I had similar, it have me a abs fault code on a front wheel, there was rust around the magnetic ring, and rust have startet to lift the abs sensor, i bought a new sensor so i changed it, and this made the error go away.

If you parking brake dont work, it can be your rear cables or/and rear calibers going bad, then i could only open the rear brakes with the scan tool.

Do you know anyone with a scan tool? It can be alot of things that make this fault as these systems are very interconnected.
Thu Dec 22 2022, 08:15pm
Member No: #52161
Joined: Sep 21 2018
Location: Republic of Serbia
I had this error tonight. Very slope road, had to press brake, while it was stationary error came on. Turned car off and on, no error anymore.

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