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P0104 and p0114 code fault - Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 1.6hdi

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Sun Dec 18 2022, 05:37pm
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Hi all,

This is my 3rd thread in last 2 weeks. I have not had so many issue with the car for last 4 years than I have now. No idea what is happening..

My C4 Grand Picasso 1.6hdi had a check engine light on. Diagnostic done in a garage showed Intake Air Temperature Sensor fault, which I changed. The fault was cleared but the check engine light came back on.

Then I used Lexia from a friend of mine and it showed code P0104 and P0113. Are these codes related to the Mass Airflow Sensor which is positioned close to air filter box?

Thanks for help,
Sun Dec 18 2022, 09:31pm
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Did you try driving with MAF sensor disconnected? ECU should then use average values. You should see performance downgrade then. If you dont see performance downgrade, I would say that MAF is faulty.
Mon Dec 19 2022, 06:55am

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Can't find P0114 but here's the essence of P0141.


After sales description of the fault code:
Flowmeter signal : Open circuit or short circuit to positive or short circuit to earth.

So the flowmeter is suspect - either faulty itself or a wiring fault.
Mon Dec 19 2022, 11:44am
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P0114 is intake air temp sensor.

Check wires and connectors - also the grounds.
Mon Dec 19 2022, 11:47am
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P104 is flow meter
P0113 i air temp.
Just different codes for different conditions.
The air temp seems to be the air flow meter too..
So same unit.

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