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How to find the code for engine fault light that has come on?

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Wed Dec 14 2022, 08:21am
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Joined: Aug 18 2013
Location: Leeds
I have a 2010 Citroen Grand Picasso 1.6HDI. The engine fault light has come on but shows no further details, i have just driven it 10 miles and everything seemed as normal. Does this car have an OBD port and if so where can i locate it? I just checked a website which showed it to be behind a panel near the driver but this was a LHD model and it looked ever so slightly different to mine. Is it worth spending 20 quid on a obd scanner from ebay (assuming i have an obd port)?
Thanks in advance.
Wed Dec 14 2022, 10:06am
Member No: #59597
Joined: Apr 10 2022
Location: Denmark west part
Yeah the obd port is to be found within 50cM from the steering wheel. There is not a small panel you can pull out where your parking, gastank lid button etc is? There should be a small dent just over these buttons.
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 Blader1611 (14 Dec 2022 : 11:40)
Wed Dec 14 2022, 10:58am
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Location: Dorset
On a RHD car, I believe it is in the glovebox.
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 Blader1611 (14 Dec 2022 : 11:40) , bimmer49 (14 Dec 2022 : 12:35)
Wed Dec 14 2022, 04:21pm
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Joined: Apr 02 2013
Location: Bolton
As Routemaster said, it’s in the glovebox, on the right hand side behind a clip off cover.
Fri Dec 16 2022, 05:50am
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Joined: Aug 18 2013
Location: Leeds
My neighbour had a bluetooth reader which was pretty basic but it did seem to read. I had no idea what profile i had to use on my phone app so just picked a basic one. It brought up a code of P0087 which is fuel/rail system pressure too low. I have googled it and all i really found out was that its a vague code and it could be one of many things. At this point its just starting get beyond my understanding and capabilities. Anyone have any recommendations/ideas?
I am still looking at getting a better reader as i really had no idea with that cheap chinese copy scanner, it took me ages to get it to read/connect so i am not 100% trusting of its reading.
Sun Dec 18 2022, 12:30am
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Joined: Apr 10 2022
Location: Denmark west part
Try changing the fuel filter, check for leaks in the pipes that goes to the filter and around the engine to the pump.
Tue Dec 20 2022, 11:00am
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Joined: Aug 18 2013
Location: Leeds
This is weird but all the faults have gone now without me doing a thing. As soon as the weather warmed up i started the car and no faults, could it have been related to the temp?
Tue Dec 20 2022, 12:27pm
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Joined: Sep 21 2018
Location: Republic of Serbia
Moisture is my guess.
Tue Dec 20 2022, 03:01pm
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Joined: Apr 10 2022
Location: Denmark west part
Hard to say, it could be possible i guess.
Could also just be a pin that is too loose in a connector.
Also one point in the fault finding is poor fuel quality. So alot of things. But the diesel filter is changed at every service with oil change i guess, so they need to be changed quite often.
Tue Dec 20 2022, 03:15pm
Member No: #20851
Joined: Jul 17 2011
Location: Cambridge
For info I use an phone app called inCarDoc for use with bluetooth obd readers, it's as far as I know the only free fault reader that will erase codes (obviously you need to fix the fault first)

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