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How do I look-up my correct engine code?

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Sun Nov 20 2022, 07:25am
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Joined: Nov 19 2022
Location: Midlands
How do I look-up my correct engine code?

I have a diesel C4 Picasso on a '59 plate.

From reading this site and my VIN code, I know I have a RHJ
From my Registration doc I know it is 1997cc and 100kW

I can't see where I find out if I've the 138 or 150HP version.

From ebay (not 100% happy with this as a technical identification), I appear to have a DW10BTED4 - but I'd like to be able to verify this.

All this is necessary as I need to replace my engine (due to water damage), and need to ensure I'm buying a correct 'drop in' engine.
Sun Nov 20 2022, 02:20pm
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Joined: Jul 17 2011
Location: Cambridge
YOu could phone your local Citroen dealer who I'm sure would be able to identify what engine you have from your reg number and or vin number.
Mon Nov 21 2022, 02:21am
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Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
If the car has an EGS box, it is almost certainly 138bhp. The EGS box was right on the upper torque limit with the 2.0HDi. The power, IIRC, didn't go up to 150bhp until the facelift version (curvy chevronds, no yellow indicator plastic in headlights, DRLs) came in late 2010.

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