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Faulty gearbox warning + car lunges going into 2nd & 3rd gears

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Sun Nov 20 2022, 06:24am
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Joined: Feb 09 2021
Location: Scotland
Hi folks. I have a 2012 C4 GP with 6 gear EGS. Last 2 or 3 weeks when starting up and driving off, the car lunges into 2nd gear, almost feels like its going to stall then jumps into 3 rd gear then drives fine there after, it can go one or two days without this happening at all.

Last Monday went out to go to work, started car up put it into auto and gear box faulty message with Service light come on, car wouldnt move. I took the keys out, back in, started up, put it into auto again no warning message and drove car to work with no problems. Coming back from work, i satrted up and message popped up again, took me two times to start back up before fault dissapeared and drove home. to add, auto park brake faulty message popped up at the same time, but that was the only occurance.

On Tuesday, message appeared once and has never came up again so far, car still lunges in to 2nd and 3rd after start up now and again. Booked into a automatic specialist tommorow, who reckons most of the time the problem is the clutch and needs replaced at a cost of around £1300.

Lastly, i hooked up fault reader last Tuesday, and error codes were P0266 (Cylinder 2 Contribution/Balance) and u0073 (Control Module Communication Bus "A" Off), funnily though, i scanned again yesterday and these fault codes were gone, no errors.

Anyone know what the problem may be?
Sun Nov 20 2022, 02:13pm
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Joined: Jul 17 2011
Location: Cambridge
£1300 would be a approx main dealer price for replacing BOTH clutch and dual mass flywheel so get a quote elswhere!

EGS is also a MANUAL gearbox not an automatic so even though gear change is automatic it still utilises a normal clutch/gear change.

Clutch issues usually cause juddering on take off (this can be solved with a hard reset - stationary on a straight quiet road long enough to reach 60mph put in A and floor it until you reach 3rd gear - job done)

I wouldn't expect the clutch to cause the issue you have as the clutch doesn't have anything to do with what gear you are in or changing to.
Mon Nov 21 2022, 11:17am
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Joined: Sep 21 2018
Location: Republic of Serbia
Are your brake light always on? I had a case when I didnt correctly put brake light switch behind pedal. My brake lights were always on, and car didn't change gears properly. Which makes sense, since it was receiving information that I was braking.

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