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Eolys replacement costs

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Thu Aug 11 2022, 11:03am
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Joined: Jan 18 2017
Location: Warwickshire
Hi all,
My 63 plate C4 Picasso just greeted me with the Particle Filter Additive Level Too Low warning (or words to that effect).
So I've been phoning a few garages to get quotes.
One came back with £173 all in.
Is this reasonable? They said it's about 30 minutes work.

Not heard back from Citroen themselves yet.

Would it be cheaper for me to try and source the pouch myself and get a garage to fit it?

Also - how urgently do I need to get it replaced? Can I go a few more tankfulls?

Thu Aug 11 2022, 02:28pm
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Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
The issue is that the system needs to be reset usingLexia/Diadbox. The replacement of the pouch is probably easy; its whether they ave the diagnostic softwae to reset the counter.
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 BigJohnD (16 Aug 2022 : 05:45)
Thu Aug 11 2022, 04:35pm
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Location: Cambridge
At a guess I would say the bag of Eolys alone at Citroën will be around £200 plus the cost of a diagnostic (around £70 to £100 these days) and 1 hours labour another £100
Thu Aug 11 2022, 05:06pm
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Joined: Jul 17 2017
Location: UK
I would have thought that an independent garage with a high-end code reader (Snap-On, Autel, etc.) would be able rest the counter.

How to refill;
- Click Here -

How garage can reset counter using Autel;
- Click Here -

Or you can reset yourself using Diagbox
Fri Aug 12 2022, 01:10am
Member No: #59597
Joined: Apr 10 2022
Location: Denmark west part
Hi the cheapest i can find for mine, it's the older Picasso gp from 2010, is from autodoc, her the bag cost 1300 DKR, or about 120£ ?? I guess.

You can properbly get cheaper if you look around and buy only the eolyse, i bought a 3liter kit for about 170 £.

But yes you need to zero things, i have had some luck with my autocom, that is a nice little kit for the hobby mechanic who might get different makes of cars.
You can also get a fault where the dpf is full of cerine (eolyse) and it can throw both of these codes, it seems a bit confusing and that will not go away by zero out before the dpf is changed,
I believe they can be around the same time as the fluid too?
Sat Aug 13 2022, 04:01am
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Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
I recently done mine, and the fluid alone was £77 a litre!!

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