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Error code P0272 after alternator replaced by Citroën

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Wed Aug 03 2022, 02:58am
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Three weeks ago multiple warning lights came on my dash ("don't drive", "service car"). I took it to Citroën who replaced the alternator.

Less than three weeks later the same lights came on. This time Citroën tell me it is error code p0272 which requires a new injector:

*Requires injector number 3, fault code p0272
stored, tested wiring and seems like internal
fault in injector, requires new injector and
programming. May require further diagnosis, fault
not related to previous alternator fault.

Citroën tell me the two faults are unrelated, but as both is a very expensive repair I would like to validate that

A quick search online shows up this post and this post, both of which suggests that the tensioners could cause both faults.. but I'm no mechanic and would be really grateful if anyone has any information or views about whether these two problems may indeed be related (in which case I can reasonably expect Citroën to not charge for both resolutions).


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