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C4gp suspension wake up signal not working.

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Sat Jul 23 2022, 11:23am
Member No: #59644
Joined: Apr 27 2022
Location: Birmingham
Well hello everybody. I know if any part of the air suspension can break it probably has for someone here so I'm hoping for some help. I saw some intermittent suspension faults so used a diag box to interrogate the system. I'm stuck with suspension that works off the boot buttons but doesn't self level when unlocking the car as it used to. I see fault code U2003 for suspension ECU failed wake up signal, and looking a little deeper I see the suspension sensors aren't receiving 5v from the ECU. However when I alter suspension height with the boot buttons the sensor signals send information which alters and looks accurate. After clearing a C1196 fault I no longer get suspension fault messages but still no self leveling on unlocking. I also see body height to high no matter how low I set the suspension. Has anyone had this before to give me somewhere to start looking? Thank you all.
Sun Jul 24 2022, 04:29pm
Member No: #20851
Joined: Jul 17 2011
Location: Cambridge
Does boot button auto stop when suspension level/middle?


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