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HAND BRAKE FAIL.... Help please???

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Sat Jul 23 2022, 05:50am
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Joined: Jul 01 2011
Location: London
So I swapped my 07 diesel C4GP for a petrol 07 model to comply with Ulez

It's completely died on me twice in fast lane on M25 but garage can't find a fault (non Citroen garage so no access to full diagnostics)

It settled down after an MOT with new back discs/pads and discs

Yesterday I had an array of lights on dashboard - EPS, API, Service, etc and faulty hand brake red traingle message on screen

And now the handbrake isn't working at all so the car is almost unusable. I have wheel chocks and a son!

'Chocks away'

I'm skint and terrified of visiting my Citroen dealer but it may have come to that.

I see there's a replaceable switch. Is that likely to solve it?

Grateful for any advice or decent mechanic recommendations in West London area

Sat Jul 23 2022, 06:34am
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Joined: Sep 21 2018
Location: Republic of Serbia
I would assume that handbreak switch is faulty. It is something that you can change on your own. Handbrake system is hardly faulty, since they are very reliable.
Thu Sep 15 2022, 09:33am
Member No: #20541
Joined: Jul 01 2011
Location: London
Thanks for the reply, sorry for my delay.

I took car to delaer who managed to come up with a repair bill of £5,500

They want £1,300 to fix the hand brake issue - apparently there is a fault int he brake assembl that needs a £900 part

I will try to get one second hand and fitted - knwo any good C4 mechanics?
Thu Sep 15 2022, 02:36pm
Member No: #52161
Joined: Sep 21 2018
Location: Republic of Serbia
5000 pounds? Dang, they are 100% sure that is not a simple hand brake switch? Fuse in BSM or BSM itself? I never heard in my surroundings that any C4 Picasso owner changed hand break system. But couple of them did change that switch. 5 500 is rip-off, how much is a car worth then? Unbelievable price from my view
Thu Sep 15 2022, 04:48pm
Member No: #59597
Joined: Apr 10 2022
Location: Denmark west part
Did you pay to get it fixed?

Hell i bought mine for less than 5000£, and I'm danish!!! ( Tax hell )

I had my switch go like some thing broke in side of it, when i got it out, it had broken one of the ears, i rigged it so it worked, and bought a new one, it also lighted up some lights in the dash. I think i payed less than 50£ from Poland for a new original switch.

I had been working alot with the motor unit. It didn't fail.
The system is the switch, via BSI to the handbrake unit with its own can bus computer, and the cable to the rear, if the cables are bad it might also throw a code and light up.

I tried to calibrate mine via autocom diagnostic, and it had all the lights on -- then i overhauled the calibers, and new cables, from motorunit under front left seat, and the one to the caliber meeting the other at the middle of the suspension beam. Calibrated again and everything ok.
Fri Sep 16 2022, 06:14am
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Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
Check the battery is ok, a failing battery creates lots of similar issues.

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