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Limp mode gear change tip

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Mon Jul 18 2022, 03:11am
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Joined: Jul 17 2011
Location: Cambridge
Recently had an occasional issue with car going into limp mode (manual gears only 1 to 3)
No error messages.

Turns out it was brake pedal switch (car would also sometimes start without pressing brake pedal, which it shouldn't be able to do) luckliy cheap and easy to replace (a sentence not commonly used with French cars.......)

Anyway I discovered although you can't change gear beyond 3 if your on an A road or motorway and built speed upto 50mph (for example) change to N then back to A or M the car would then be in the appropriate gear for that speed (i.e 5) however this would need to be done each time after slowing down as car would revert back to limp mode gear changes.

Hopefully this may help someone limp home a bit quicker than screaming the engine all the way.

Personally I think the Citreon limp mode is wrong with the EGS system and should be the same as a maual gearbox where RPM is limited, that is more likely to protect the engine and gearbox etc.
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Sat Aug 20 2022, 09:59am
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Location: Malaga
Yep i discovered that the hard way. No"A" but directly as you say BUT I have to ensure my car is in neutral when I switch off or it stays in gear and wont start.
Several goes with the EOBD reader and sometimes it will release.
However; today it would not 'ave it! Only one way to go, start the car in gear by hot wiring the starter in gear, hand brake released (like bump start) once fired up slip into neutral. I had the assistance of a mate who opted to feed the solenoid from the battery whilst I sat in and drove. Made him jump but it worked!
(I have a key starting issue too).
I have changed the brake light switch but still have a "permanent brake switch fault". Now there are switches with a loom and resistor but don't know the importance of this item.

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