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Flywheel Bolt Torque Specs on Grand Picasso 1.6 Petrol Vti 120

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Sun Jul 17 2022, 04:45pm
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Hi Everyone.

I am about to replace the clutch on my C4 Grand Picasso. The car is a 2009 C4 Grand Picasso 1.6 Petrol VTi 120bhp . The engine is the BMW Mini N14 Engine, Engine code EP6 5FW and the transmission type is BE4.

Whilst down there I am going to remove the flywheel to change the rear end seal of the crank shaft. The petrols are single mass flywheel. I am looking for the torque specs for the flywheel bolts for when I reinstall it, I am also asking the question; do I need to replace the bolts as I imagine they stretch when torqued and if so how to find the right ones.

I have purchased the Haynes Online manual for this car which unfortunately does not give the values, so I've now paid for premium membership here for access to the mechanics guide so hopefully that gives some insight. Please can someone tell me the torque specs for the flywheel bolts and give some insight to my other questions? many thanks for your help.

I am updating this post to say I've read the mechanics guide and unfortunately it doesn't seem to cover my engine, although it does the transmission. It is for 2005, does any one have the relevant 2009 booklet available?

I have reviewed the Haynes manual and it seems to be showing me by a diagram that the Flywheel bolts are 20 Nm , but gives no angle and it doesn't say anything about replacing them with new ones...

think I'll just go with that
Mon Jul 18 2022, 06:00am
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20Nm sounds like the clutch plate bolts. Flywheel will be much tighter, Something like more in the order of 80Nm + 90° (that's not it, just a random value based on other cars I've worked on).

The ebay citroen guides on CD are good for the detailed procedures, and usually have the torque in some weird french dNm (10 x Nm),

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