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Seized Engine on C4 GP?

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Wed Jul 06 2022, 03:41am
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Location: Bournemouth
Hi all, driving on M3 had a clapping/banging noise coming from engine, then engine completely shut down with "gearbox fault" coming up on dashboard. Had AA tow it to my local garage who say the engine has seized. Quoting £500 to take engine out to look at what it could be. I should day it a 2009 GP in excellent condition and well looked after with only 68k on the clock. I have had a new Turbo fitted along with a PDF, full exhaust system and a cat converter, along with a new EGR valve, all fitted this year. Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong as i dont want to pay for a new/refurbished engine? Thank you for your advice and suggestions in advance as always. Steve
Wed Jul 06 2022, 06:54am
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Location: Denmark west part
Well hard to know exactly.

After accident was the engine running?
I have never had an engine seize, i guess that would happen if there was not enough oil and or oil pressure, both i think would light a red light or warning on dash before problem.

Why do they think it is seized? It could be a gearbox, which i would look at with the gearbox fault, but maybe the mechanic saw something obvious. Also if the gearbox is totally jammed, how that can happen without casing breaks i don't know, but if, it might lock the motor so it can't start or turn over. To me it just don't give loud Bangs without some traces that something happens, like throwing rods out the engine, sumps leaks, gearbox have holes etc
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 healeddoughnut (07 Jul 2022 : 13:24)
Wed Jul 06 2022, 07:01am
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Seized engine usually only has one cause, no oil to the main bearings.
Failed pump, blockage, no oil.

If it is seized then it's going to need a new engine. I'd imagine £500 would just be the start, expect anotehr few thousand if they fix it.
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 healeddoughnut (07 Jul 2022 : 13:24)
Thu Jul 07 2022, 03:27am
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The clapping/banging noise is a clue - it exactly describes what happened when I was a passenger in a car that the main bearings failed on - replacement engine required
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 healeddoughnut (07 Jul 2022 : 13:24)

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