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C4 Picasso electric blocked in all car, now any electricity, but batery is OK

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Sun Jun 26 2022, 12:33pm
Member No: #59830
Joined: Jun 26 2022
Location: Koper
At C4P 2016, for no apparent reason, when I parked the car and I wanted to lock it, all the electricity was totally blocked. There is no electricity in the whole car. The battery is OK!
Even the physical key doesn't work, you can't open the trunk, the electric break is blocked! Not a single light or sensor is on. Looks like then battery was totally off, but not, Booster does not help.
Im asking for help?
Sun Jun 26 2022, 04:13pm
Member No: #42824
Joined: Nov 29 2015
Location: Cardiff
My fuse box died, similar problems. Battery was showing no charge, bought a new battery, got lots of warning lights, diagnosed as the fuse box - extended warranty job.

On the plus side, the stop start now works!

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