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C4 Picasso Petrol 2.0 (EW10A) timing belt change question - installation order

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Thu Jun 09 2022, 07:32am
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Joined: Jun 22 2015
Location: Israel
So... I've decided to change the timing belt on my own. Not the first time for a timing belt, but the first time with Citroen. OK, so successfully worked my way and removed the belt, replaced the water pump, now it's time to install. and Here's there a problem.
According to the worshop manual, my next steps are to:
"Remove :
The tool [3]
The tool [1] from the exhaust camshaft pulley
Tool [5b] from the tensioning roller (12)
and then clean several things, and - a page later - "fitting and tensioning the timing belt", with orders what to do with the roller tensioner.
What I don't understand is that from those steps it looks like I should, with the belt still untensioned, remove the locking pin from the exhaust (left) camshaft pulley and only then to tension. But won't this cause the exhuast camshaft pulley to move a bit and go out of tune?
What am I missing?

(putting it also in the C4 garage forum, as some people may see it there. if its a breach of forum rules let me know. Thanks!)
Thu Jun 09 2022, 08:08am
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Location: Scotland
It does read strange, but I've generally found that the belt is normally quite tight even with the tensioner as the lowest, that the cams should be held by the belt.

The two camshaft pulleys are fixed by the number of teeth on the belt between them, so if the belt is tight across the top then they'll always be timed up.
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 yagil (09 Jun 2022 : 15:59)
Thu Jun 09 2022, 04:00pm
Member No: #41043
Joined: Jun 22 2015
Location: Israel
Thanks! That was exactly what I was looking to know.

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