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Thu Feb 17 2022, 01:24pm
Member No: #59443
Joined: Feb 15 2022
Location: Portsmouth
I've just taken delivery of my 2010 C4 1.6 exclusive HDI EGS and I've spent the last hour or so figuring out the intricacies of the dash (with the aid of a downloaded handbook). The two issues I have are with getting the mirrors to fold and getting them to memorise my reverse settings, maybe they don't on this model. I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who can help solve this dilemma. I look forward to some really helpful responses.
Thanks in advance. 😟
Fri Feb 18 2022, 12:00am
Member No: #52161
Joined: Sep 21 2018
Location: Republic of Serbia - city of Novi Sad
For reverse, it should be like this. With mirror control, select which mirror you need, put in reverse, and position glass as you wish with commands. If you then put in neutral or first gear, it should go back to previous position. Regarding the mirrors folding, its done automatically if it isn't turned off. Try holding lock buttom a bit longer
Fri Feb 18 2022, 03:28am
Member No: #48843
Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
The reverse mirror setting seems to be a very random thing

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