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Costs associated with DPF, Cat Converter and Exhaust

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Mon Jan 31 2022, 02:54pm
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Joined: Jul 08 2013
Location: Bournemouth
I have just been quoted almost £3,300 to replace, the Cat coverter, the DPF, and a new exhaust system on my Citroen c4 GP. Ill say that again, £3,300. WTF for, can anybody explain? Needless to say i told them to get stuffed. In an independent garage, literally 5 minutes from Citroen main dealer, i have just had all 3 replaced at a cost of £600, Can someone please explain how Citroen get away with this theft?
Tue Feb 01 2022, 05:00am
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Location: Scotland
Hence why many people refer to dealers as "stealers"

They want you to buy a new car, not parts to fix their old cars.
You'll have also noticed how the parts counters have been disappearing from almost every dealer since they dont want to encourage that kind of behaviour.
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 healeddoughnut (01 Feb 2022 : 12:19)

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