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C4 1.4 VTI ET3J4 oil consumption. suggestions

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Mon Jan 24 2022, 01:22pm
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Joined: Dec 29 2020
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i have this oldie car, now around 200k miles (320000 Km). Stock engine never opened excpet for head gasket loong time ago, replaced with modded one.
Car is fine, has compression and makes 13,5-14,5 km per litre.

Ofcourse oil consumption is going worse since lask 70k miles.
I can see some oil around the oil pump, some oil around the cam gasket, around right cam seal and so on... Not big leaks but engine back cover is oily aswell.

Oil consumption got worse after i used very thin mobil 1 oil (5w30) and wynn's valve lifter because I had some noisy tappet sound. Then I put total energy 5w40 again.

Now lifters sound nice but car is eating too much oil (1 litre every 2000 km)
No blue smoke from exhaust and car is fine.

Any suggestions about oil viscosity? If I put 10w40, lifters are noisier.

Is it fine to stay with 5w40 and maybe use cheaper oil? I bought bolk 5w40 full synthetic, it's very cheap oil...
Any suggestions appreciated. Tnaks.

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