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C4 Grand Picasso jerks at start and at changing gears (automatic)

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Thu Jan 13 2022, 09:45am
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Joined: Jan 13 2022
Location: london
Hi All,
my C4 Grand Picasso jerks at start and at changing gears (automatic).
it is 2008 7 seater car. low KMs.
the jerking is at the start always (less when car is warm) and at times during auto gear changing
Any thoughts to what needs to be done
Thank you
Thu Jan 13 2022, 02:12pm
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Joined: Sep 21 2018
Location: Republic of Serbia - city of Novi Sad
First, proper diagnostic, then take it from here. I would check if brake lights are always on, even if your foot is not on break pedal. that is simple thing to rule out. It can cause issue with gear changing. Also check if speed limiter or cruise control are working
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 salah (14 Jan 2022 : 11:29)
Thu Jan 13 2022, 03:49pm
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Location: Dorset
For clarity, is the car EGS or full auto? Full auto will have a 'P' position on the gear selector, EGS will not. At that age full auto was only available on 2.0HDi and petrol cars, a 1.6HDi will be EGS.
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 salah (14 Jan 2022 : 11:29)
Fri Jan 14 2022, 09:02am
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Joined: Jan 13 2022
Location: london
thank you all,
it is EGS i think because it has handles for manual driving as well as Auto and no P position.
Tue Jan 18 2022, 01:19am
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Location: london
Hi, any further thoughts anyone?
Tue Jan 18 2022, 03:43am
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What have you checked so far?
Tue Jan 18 2022, 07:45am
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Joined: Jan 13 2022
Location: london
Hi, i tried the above. no luck. changed all filters and oils as well.
i performed diagnostics but didnt come up with anything.
Tue Jan 18 2022, 09:49am
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Joined: Nov 26 2020
Location: Westgate kent uk
Hi bought my egs c4 with same problem still have same problem 7 months on,(seems to be a common problem with this type of electronic gear selection, probably why they stopped making it !!)) have reset the gearbox clutch bite point using lexia/diagbox(citroen diagnostic) and gearbox works fine for a day then reverts to juddering etc,
I believe its a pressure problem which could be wear and tear or a hydraulic problem, and i have bought the correct hydraulic fluid but not got round to changing it and bleeding system
the fact that the gearbox is worst when cold is because heat increases pressure, and i think that hydraulic fluid after years and higher miles loses its optimum specs(for want of a better word) , however until i change the Hydraulic fluid i cant confirm its the problem and it may not be, it could be piston wear reducing correct pressure?
What I have found that makes the car more driveable is
when you first get in car in morning put the car in reverse(may work the same in 1st, will try in morning) and with your left foot on brake and your right foot lightly pressing accelerator to abouut 1000rpm for about 10 seconds or more, take foot off accelerator then brake ,put it into A auto and ive found this then makes car far less juddery(maybe because it increases Hydraulic pressure ?
if its still really juddering when pulling away, you can stop this by flooring accelerator and releasing it instantly then pulling away as normal , the car because of lag wont fly off at all when you floor and lift, but, 1st gear will engage (with a thud but no judder)
if your in traffic and crawling with loads of judder as you stop start you can put gear lever to manual while stopped and used paddle to select 2nd gear and pull away in 2nd gear before slecting auto, it will stop 1st gear judder,
none of the last things is a cure but they all make car more driveable and less worrying than a bad judder!
hopefully will change hydraulic fluid soon and bleed and see if it does any good.
One thing for sure is the cost of curing it at a garage is far in exceess of value of car! Hence i will carry on driving mine till it fails completely or i manage to find a cure !
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 salah (18 Jan 2022 : 10:44)

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