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2011 2.0 HDI C4 Grand Picasso Eolys pouch

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Mon Dec 06 2021, 06:11am
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Joined: Nov 16 2014
Location: Australia
I have a leak in the Eolys pouch in my C4GP and the reference on the pouch is PSA 96 722 452 80, and I cannot find that part number anywhere on the web, it is a green clickfit union on the bag and states that it is 2.2L capacity. Any ideas?

Thu Dec 09 2021, 06:24pm

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
It's possible the part and its number have been updated.

This page on Ebay may help - check for compatibility.
Fri Dec 10 2021, 03:05am
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Location: Scotland
I wouldn't trust any info from ebay, citroen will probably help if you can get someone from the parts counter. Just enquire about the price and get the part number so you can order quicker when you come back.
Tue Dec 21 2021, 10:42am
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Joined: Nov 27 2013
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DowerC4, In case you haven't yet resolved. I had a similar problem with my 2008 C4GP 2.0Hdi about 3 months ago. The pouch had split and the fluid was dripping out of the Plastic box via a drain hole at the lowest point under the FAP pump.

My fluid was the earlier Eolys 176 so had a different PSA ref to yours, but more importantly was 2.2L and has the same shape pouch as yours. There is historic info on the forum about the colour of the clickfit but I don't think this is particularly a worry in your case as you know from the label it was using POWERFLEX fluid which is still available.

Mine was replaced with a POWERFLEX pouch of 2.4L (slightly bigger capacity) which I got from Eurocarcare, Derby, UK (a search of this forum will find them) after giving them my Car Reg / VIN etc. Looking at their site feedback they do post to customers in Australia so if you're still stuck I would E-mail them a query for a quote. I can only say from my first time of using them that their service and help was excellent.

The slightly larger 2.4L pouch did fit into the plastic container OK (if it helps my Plastic Container had the number 96 581 54780 on the lower part). I don't think it could hold anything much larger, the shape is particularly significant to enable it to fit. I did find some opinion that the pouches may split as they age and the fluid volume reduces because they then move about more in the container; so a slightly larger size may help!

The car does not directly measure the fluid in the pouch, so as long as it starts the same or higher than as built I don't think the larger size matters. You will however need Citroen diagnostics to tell the car's Software the pouch has been changed & possibly prime the pump after completing the physical installation.


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