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EW10A engine tuning

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Thu Sep 09 2021, 05:24pm
Member No: #56767
Joined: Aug 22 2020
Location: Finland
Hello, I will be doing some tuning on EW10A engine.

Right now i got:
-13.5 Wiseco high compression pistons
-e85 conversion
-600cc Bosch injectors
-AEM 320l/h fuel pump
-EW10J4S intake and exhaust manifolds
-Head ported to flow 230hp+ and inlet manifold aligned
-Ecu tune

I will be using the stock ecu (Magneti Marelli 6LPB).

Things in consideration:
-EW10J4S camshafts or CatCams sport road cams (I know the EW10J4S intake cam wont find and needs some modification).

How many HP and torque I roughly get with this setup? And how much with more aggressive cams?
Tue Nov 16 2021, 12:59am
Member No: #56767
Joined: Aug 22 2020
Location: Finland
UPDATE Things done so far:

Complete engine rebuild:
-13,5:1 Wiseco forged pistons
-New seals / gaskets
-Block and head surfaced
-New clutch kit
-New connecting rod and crankshaft bearings
-EW10J4S intake and exhaust manifolds (some issues with intake, exhaust was direct bolt on except needed to drill one hole more for the bolt).
-200 cell racing cat
-600cc Bosch injectors
-AEM 320L/fuelpump

Issues faced:
-The fuel pump required some grinding on the sides to make it fit the OEM fuel assembly.
-Required to remove the "chamber" on the intake manifold in order to fit it (the oil filter and cooler blocks it) (comes off with 2 bolts). Also required to grind the intake a bit to make it fit. The EW10A doesnt have the 2 holes in the head unlike EW10J4S so the oil vapours need to be directed to the small connector right after throttle body (needs to reduce the size of the connector to make it fit).
-EW10A has 2 cats and no EGR, when EW10J4 and EW10J4S have one cat and EGR. So the exhaust needs modding, i removed both cats (one integrated in the exhaust manifold and second works as cat and muffler). Installed the new racing cat in the same place in the EW10J4S (its right after the flex pipe). Needed to install new holders and add some pipe from the back to front.

You can tell your guesses about the power with these mods.

Things in mind for the future in priority order:
-Remove rear axle, exhaust and fuel tank to sand blast, paint and apply undercoating to the bottom (already did this to the engine bay and front wheel archs).
-New exhaust piping from cat, the current one is pretty rusty and needs replacement soon
-Coillovers (maybe D2?) and powerflex bushings all around.
-More aggressive cams maybe buy OEM VTS cams (and mod the intake to fit, heard there is different VVT thats why its not direct fit) or buy CatCams 4903403.
-LSD differential and new 5th gear (biggest one from diesel box was around 30% longer) to make better fuel economy and higher top speed.

Currently spent about 4000€ to this project, car needs some bodywork and full repaint with that and all the things mentioned above im guessing the total will be close to 9000€
Mon Sep 05 2022, 12:41pm
Member No: #60030
Joined: Aug 21 2022
Location: North Staffordshire
Hiya this is a very interesting thread , any updates please

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