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DIY the spare wheel cover/lid

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Mon Aug 23 2021, 08:25am
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Joined: Aug 23 2021
Location: Ireland

I am not sure if anyone still uses the old C4, so just shooting in the dark and hoping maybe someone has done this or has some ideas on the best way to cut the wooden insert inside of the cover.

By some mysterious event, the cover got dump and developed a mould, I tried to wash it but to no avail. The mould smell keeps lingering so I decided to open the cover and found there is a hardboard about 8mm thick that is rotten and of no use now.

I have a piece of 12mm plywood that I can use to cut out the exact same shape as the hardboard insert. However, I wonder should make a wider insert to cover the whole boot floor? It sounds like a good idea. It will make a nice and even solid floor. However, it concerns me I can't think of any drawbacks or pitfalls that this can lead me to. Also, why didn't Citroen do that in the first place? What was the thinking behind the design of the original hardboard insert?
Maybe there are other designs available on the internet I could look at?

Fri Aug 27 2021, 09:12pm
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Joined: Aug 22 2021
Location: Coventry
Hmm… interesting post, I’ve had similar thoughts, although for a different reason; I’m thinking about removing the 3rd row seat assembly and use the space for “stuff”, like a trolley Jack, towing rope, jump-start cables and so on.
I guess the use of hardboard has all to do with weight-savings in the design department, and of course hardboard is cheaper than plywood.
Just an idea here, I guess you need waterproof, or “marine” plywood, otherwise you’ll be in the same boat again after a while…
Sat Aug 28 2021, 06:24am
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Location: Scotland
Have you checked for where water could be leaking in?

I'd go for just thin plywood in this case, oddly the DS4 doesn't have that, the material base has the strength built in to just sit on top of the wheel.

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