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ABS Parking brake fault / Gear box fault

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Thu Aug 05 2021, 12:29pm
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Joined: Jan 19 2019
Location: uk
Hi all

I know there are numerous threads on multiple errors and gearbox/abs faults but as with this car no 2 are ever the same. previously had the car going into limp mode with all the errors from the dpf clogging which i resolved.
following on from that the car starting to intermittently giver the abs parking and gearbox error and again go into limp mode. checking with diagbox and the gearbox points to the abs which in turn points to c1321 - front lh wheel sensor signal fault.

I can clear the faults and the car would run again fine until it would randomly do the same process all over again, with same error codes and faults.
this started to then get more and more often after removing codes so i decided to replace the lh wheel speed sensor.
the problem now is that where before i could drive and it would appear randomly after a day or week, now with the new part its pretty much withing 50 meters or after pulling off.
did I miss something, do I have to recalibrate or tell the car that this has been replaced?
one thing I did notice in diagbox is that after changing the part, in the error report it now shows 0kph where as the old one had a value.

any help would be greatly appreciated before i go insane with this car.

also this is a C4 Grand Picasso 2013 Diesel 1.6 HDi 110 auto egs
Thu Aug 05 2021, 03:30pm
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Location: Cambridge
Check fuse box under bonnet for corrosion and battery condition (ECUs don't like low battery voltage)
Tue Mar 29 2022, 05:56am
Member No: #58798
Joined: Sep 16 2021
Location: Essex, UK
Check and clean connection where sensor plugs in as a known issue.
Mon May 09 2022, 06:27am
Member No: #59679
Joined: May 09 2022
Location: Sheffield
littleimp wrote ...

Check and clean connection where sensor plugs in as a known issue.

Hi Andrew - I've got the same issue, so looking for possible solutions. Where would I find the connections, please?

Mon Jun 13 2022, 08:33am
Member No: #54346
Joined: Aug 04 2019
Location: Birmingham
How did we get on here pls?

I have fault codes:- C1321 & C1326
Mon Jun 13 2022, 11:56am
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Joined: Apr 10 2022
Location: Denmark west part
I think about maybe some ground point could be corroded. Isn't there not something about some corrosion on the can wires or something on the abs module ?
Mon Jun 13 2022, 01:49pm
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Joined: Sep 21 2018
Location: Republic of Serbia
Check wires on each wheel that leads to abs sebsor

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