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Gearbox leaking question, where do they leak from?

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Sun Aug 01 2021, 05:57am
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Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
My gearbox has always had a slight leak since I got the car:

It's a 6 speed manual, fitted to the 2.0HDi, ML6C I think.

I've never gotten any worse, never leaves any marks on the ground. I park in the same spot at home for the past 4+ years with it and no signs of any drips. Same at work, I park in the same few places and there are no drips of oil there either.

Yet there's always a small wet drip hanging.
I've always assumed it was the driveshaft seal as it seem to be worse on that side. I plan to do the lower arms and balljoints, so had left it to do it all at the same time.
I decided to look closer when changing the engine oil yesterday. I'm not convinced it is the driveshaft seal. The driver's side is dry around the shaft and the passenger drivefshaft inner joint looks very dry, as does the area above it:

And looking from underneath inner joint on the left:

It does look like the oil is coming from nearer the top of the gearbox and getting well above the driveshaft and endplate of the gearbox.
I know oil can move to weird places when it leaks, I think this is too for for the driveshaft seal.

Looking from the top, it looks dry from the engine bay, but I need to strip out the airbox and pipework to see it properly.

The drip that hangs is definitely gearbox oil, it's clear golden, smells like gearbox oil and feels like oil (not brake fluid or coolant).

The gear selector area is now looking more likely.

Any thoughts or views, or experience of gearbox leaks?
Sun Aug 01 2021, 04:24pm
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Joined: Nov 21 2010
Location: North Norfolk UK
Don't assume it's the gearbox just beacause that's where it appears. Several reasons but most recently my daughters 1.2 DS3 has been diagnosed by so called 'technicians' at Robins and Day so called Citroen experts as several things. Firstly fixed under warranty. Then it wasn't fixed so warranty company said it s down to R & D to fix. Oh its a new leak they said. Had the car for over a month, gave my daughter a big bill to fix and guess what? Not fixed!
I got the car looked at by my local independant, Braggs of Briston, and after a very short time they found that the leak was from nowhere near where it showed itself but came from two O rings in plastic core plugs in the side of the cylinder head that allowed small amounts of oil to trickle slowly down the side of the engine to where it appeared. Braggs bill was just over £30 to replace the two core plugs and o rings. Several hundred pounds from the failed attempts by Robins and Day, main Citroen Dealer.

Take care with tracing the leak David, sometimes difficult to trace the proper origins

BTW I have not been able to leave appropriate feedback for R & D as they are not listed on this site - I wonder why?
Mon Aug 02 2021, 03:05am
Member No: #48843
Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
I think it's going to be a case of a tin of gunk and jet washing it off when done.

Problem is, there is limited access and the dodgy fuse box sit above the gearbox, really dont was to get water into that.

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