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Restoring a tired 2005 C4: Questions, ideas & suggestions

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Tue Jun 15 2021, 02:11pm
Member No: #58339
Joined: Jun 15 2021
Location: Helsinki
Hey all,

A big hello to everyone from Greece. Newbie to the forum and to the C4, but quite experienced in vehicle restorations (mostly motorcycles though).

Just a week ago I purchased a 2005 Citroen C4 1.6 for 1800 euro, which I think was a very good deal, especially considering that it's the top-spec version Exclusive.
It literally has everything and the kitchen sink on it; xenon lights that turn with the steering wheel, cruise control, climate control, electrochromatic mirror, 17 inch wheels, etc.

The car had one owner from new and a full service history (all done at the dealership). It does have rather high mileage (280,000 km) but it was all done on open roads (the guy lives in the countryside) and the motor works perfectly fine; pulls strongly, very quiet, no vibrations, idles fine etc.
What's even better, the car has brand new tyres and had recently been serviced/inspected.
The reason why the man was selling the car so cheaply was because he recently came in possession of three other vehicles from his late father, so he simply had to sell the car ASAP to avoid taxation/insurance costs etc.

I am very happy with the car even as it is, but it does need a fair bit of TLC and since I love getting my hands dirty with any and all vehicles that come my way, I want to do a few things to tidy up the old girl a bit.

So, if you don't mind, I'd like to use this thread to ask questions, (hopefully) get answers, discuss the fixing up process and eventually post up photos of any work done.

Happy to be here!

Tue Jun 15 2021, 02:44pm
Member No: #58339
Joined: Jun 15 2021
Location: Helsinki
So, here's an early list of the issues I've located with the car:

Cosmetic (Exterior):
1. Dent at the top rear LHS pillar (can easily be seen in pics)
2. Dent at the lower RHS skirt, under the passenger door (door completely unaffected)
3. Dull clear coat on car roof
4. Various smallish nicks/scratches around driver's door
5. Paint chipping on lower front bumper and some on bonnet
6. Paint chipping on rear boot door (I'd like to know how he managed that)
7. Some scratches on the top of the rear bumper (I'm guessing from loading/unloading the boot)
8. Hazy headlight lenses
9. Front bumper not wanting to attach properly to the wings
10. Wiper arms' discoloration from the sun
11. Severe damage to clearcoat and paint on both mirrors and boot spoiler (the joys of living under the Greek summer sun I guess)

Cosmetic (Interior):
1. Small sagging on parts of roof liner
2. Grime and some discolouration of window control buttons on driver's side

1. Rear wiper not working with stalk (previous owner had a simple on/off switch installed to control it)
2. Steering hub scroll wheels not working very easily (need to be depressed and rolled at the same time)
3. Cruise control not working (shows error on activation)
4. Tyre pressure monitor not working due to FR metallic valve replaced with a rubber one
5. Child lock button not working (can be activated but doesn't stay depressed)

Apart from all that, the engine might also require some loving but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.
Sun Aug 28 2022, 01:04pm
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Joined: Aug 21 2022
Location: North Staffordshire
I really like this colour , I also like the hatch back styling , great car buddy

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