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C4GP 1.6 VTR+ Adding Electrical bits n pieces

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Tue Jun 01 2021, 11:23am
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Joined: Oct 25 2019
Location: West Midlands
Hi all,
1st: my VTR+ doesn't have reverse sensors and I'd like to fit a set: how much of a job is it?
2nd: I fancy putting indicator lights into the mirrors, is it possible to get post 2013 mirrors to fit a pre 2013 car? if not, how might I achieve my goal?
3rd: my offside side light doesn't work, the bulb is good so it must be wiring, anyone know if it's a common fault or am I the lucky one:
Any help or suggestions gratefully received, thanks,
Tue Jun 01 2021, 02:08pm
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Location: Dorset
For 3, test the power and earth with a multimeter. It may be an issue with the bulbholder.
Tue Jun 01 2021, 02:41pm

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
1. Your best bet for reversing sensors are add-ons which are switched on via a relay triggered by the reversing lights. You will need a power supply, preferably fused, and more than likely from the front of the car. You can locate the small speaker(s) somewhere in the boot.

2. You can probably find the mirrors you need - there are many variations - heated, folding, etc. You may well have the necessary wiring and connectors present as they're often common across the range of trims. However, getting the additional features to work is another story. You might be able to activate them via Lexia but there is a distinct likelihood the car's firmware cannot be altered. You may be lucky but there are no guarantees.

3. Check the earthing. Do you get a fault message re the lamp?
Wed Feb 02 2022, 06:59am
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Joined: Oct 25 2019
Location: West Midlands
Apologies for delayed response I had serious pooter problems and lost all my saved sites etc. Hopefully that's all behind me.
I've not done any jobs on the car since because I'm having an ongoing problem with the fuse box / wiring / connections and it's giving me nightmares.
I'll be back once I've sorted them out.
I'll probably be asking for help too.
Cheers George

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