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New rear silencer and rear exhaust hanger

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Fri Apr 23 2021, 04:43am
Member No: #55212
Joined: Dec 15 2019
Location: Nottingham
Hello everyone,

Yesterday I took my C4 1.6 VTi 120 Exclusive for a major service and visual health check at the local Citroen dealership. During the visual health check they found that the rear exhaust hanger is broken and is no longer supporting the rear silencer. They have therefore quoted me for a new hanger and rear silencer - at a total cost of £750. I do plan to ring other garages to see if I can get the price down.

What I wanted to ask was; can the hanger not be replaced on its own or is it part of the rear silencer? Secondly, is the replacement of the silencer a relatively easy job? If so, I could have a go at replacing it myself as I don't fancy paying hundreds for it as I've just had the thermostat housing replaced which cost me a fair bob.

Lastly, does anyone know the correct part number for the rear silencer and any additional parts that I'd need to fit it?

Many thanks
Fri Apr 23 2021, 05:23am
Member No: #574
Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
I had this kind of issue on a C3. I took it to Formula 1, and as a regular customer they welded it for free. It's probably worth taking it to a tyre/exhaust specialist, it could be quite cheap.
Fri Apr 23 2021, 01:51pm
Member No: #3384
Joined: Apr 21 2008
Location: Bulwell, Nottingham
I had the same problem on my 2005 C4 hatch some years ago and ETS (Giltbrook) fitted a rear silencer for £65. The hanger is part of the silencer but it shouldn't be that much.
Fri Apr 23 2021, 02:03pm
Member No: #55212
Joined: Dec 15 2019
Location: Nottingham
Thanks guys! I'll take it to a tyre/ exhaust place and see what they say


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