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Somebody at citroen needs a good slap!

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Sat Mar 13 2021, 04:37am
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Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
Who in their right mind thought of the coolant filling process.

Bleed valve that need the caps right off before the air and coolant flows out, and the back one is just about completely out of reach. At the bulkhead wall on the top heater hose, you cant get in from the side as the battery and intake block you, too high to reach from underneath or wheel arch, and just about reach with finger tips above the intake if you move the scuttle panel as up as far as it'll go.

My poor scraped forearms would be the smacking the designer down the drive.

Confusing procedure too, after bleeding it, you run the engine for a few minutes before removing the funnel (have said it should remain full at all times). The next step say top up to the maximum mark, it's full the brim when the funnel comes off!

And run it until the fan cuts in twice, that doesn't work when it's 4°C outside and windy. Couldn't get the temp up above half way, and it dropped slightly when you stop revving at 2000rpm.

The radiator was hot, so can only assume it meant until the thermostat was open.
Sat Mar 13 2021, 04:01pm
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Location: North Norfolk UK
David - really, this is the same for almost any make of newer car, perhaps you should try changing a battery on a Megane (remove clutch pedal to do so) or maybe a headlamp bulb on a Laguna ( remove wheel arch liner to do so), or change the oil on an Audi (no dipstick and you have to use the dedicated code reader to see when it has enough oil in.)
Citroen - simples
Well done!
Sun Mar 14 2021, 07:07am
Member No: #48843
Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
For the usual stuff it's not a bad car, other than the oil filter being in a dumb place.

Hopefully the timing belt and coolant will be fine for several years now.

My brother had a newer audi, even the back brakes need the audi full diagnostics to change the rear pads. They have electric motors mounted on the caliper for the handbrake, ecu controlled. Bit of hot wiring needed to get them to rewind without the magic tools.

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