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Sat nav swap over

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Thu Feb 25 2021, 09:05am
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Joined: Feb 25 2021
Location: Stroud
Hi all
New member here
I posted an ad advising I was breaking a 2015 C4 Grand
I brought it to repair mine that I had an accident with- so selling off the bits prior to scraping
The damaged one has a better screen spec than mine- it has Sat nave etc, wondering if I can swap the dash modules from the scrapper into mine that doesn't have sat nav colour screen etc
Hoping it may be just a straight swap and all the plugs will fit
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thu Feb 25 2021, 01:04pm
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Joined: Feb 21 2016
Location: Dublin
assuming they're the same generation - it should be possible ..
With the caveat that the screens /may/ need to be coded for your VIN, and the stored mileage on the upper screen will remain if it's larger than the mileage stored in your "good" vehicle's computer .. (the larger of the two is used)
Thu Feb 25 2021, 01:27pm
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Joined: Jan 25 2020
Location: Kent, United Kingdom
Hello, yes assuming you have a SMEG system and the one in your parts car is also SMEG. This one with the colour touch screen and doesn’t have CarPlay or Android Auto.

Unfortunately I cannot comment on the speedometer replacement, whilst I think it could work, I’m not sure about the lack of a mode wheel on the steering wheel. Also there might not even be a video LVDS cable running to the speedo - from looking at the back of the non-colour speedometer it doesn’t have an LVDS connection. In theory, you could add this cable though if the steering wheel issue can be solved.

The SMEG head unit can be replaced though, this will need coding through diagbox to match the vin, stop beeping and configure your cars features. You will also need to replace the screen with the one that has the navigation button. All connections are the same so this won’t be an issue. Something to note though is that you will need a GPS aerial of some kind here is one that is relatively cheap - Click Here - this should work fine but if you want a more OEM setup you could swap the fm aerial for one with GPS but this is probably a lot more effort as you will need to run wires around the car. Maybe someone could just confirm that aftermarket aerials work though?

If you feel like it you can also upgrade to a newer NAC with TomTom maps and mirror screen (android auto and CarPlay) but I’m guessing you’ll want to use the parts that your donor car already has.

Good luck, if you can get it working it will be a worthwhile upgrade to make!

If you have any more questions about the removal etc, please ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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