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Lots of Questions but no Answers

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Sat Jan 16 2021, 05:06am
Member No: #20936
Joined: Jul 21 2011
Location: Ireland Fermanagh & Galway
I have noticed over the past few months there have been lot a questions for advice, but not so many replies There nothing worse than waiting to see if anyone can help . . Could it be due Covid-19 ??
Sat Jan 16 2021, 06:10am

Member No: #2
Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
Not sure what might be the issue. Depends on the questions I guess.

Also a lot of the older members have moved on. Whilst visitor numbers remain the same. Most are just lurkers who don't contribute and come for advice only.
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 BigJohnD (16 Jan 2021 : 06:51)
Sat Jan 16 2021, 06:37am
Member No: #20936
Joined: Jul 21 2011
Location: Ireland Fermanagh & Galway
I have to admit I don't log in so much and many seem to use facebook incl me but still log just to keep update with any problems or issus. . Maybe update marketing with the odd post on FaceBook
Sat Jan 16 2021, 07:04am

Member No: #82
Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
I look in frequently but a) never owned a C4Pic b) owned 2005 and 2010 C4s from all but new and c) had no major/chronic problems with either.

After a dispute with the local Citroen dealer after over 10 years of my custom, I bought another marque.

My account with Service.Citroen was closed after the merger with with Vauxhall/Opel. So I cannot help with parts and specs.

I feel unqualified on most issues, even the early models, as the problems often seem to be related to them being old.
Sat Jan 16 2021, 07:30am
Member No: #48843
Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
Seems to be the way of many car forums these days. Many younger owners aren't so hands on, older owners can afford cars that dont need so much work. Plus I think many of the young folk buy new cars on PCP (finance, not the drug!) rather than the bargain banger that needs lots of work.

Dont think covid is the issue.
Sat Jan 16 2021, 08:02am
Member No: #574
Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
There may be little response to some questions, but i do try to respond if I think I can help (Adblue issues spring to mind). It is difficult to reply because you probably don't know the level of knowledge of the person asking. It is very easy to give a simplified version only to find the poster feels patronised.

The frustrating thing for me are those who ask questions, then disappear, so you rarely get thanked or find out if you suggestions have helped. Perhaps others on the site feel like this and are not prepared to respond.
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 BigJohnD (17 Jan 2021 : 07:36)
Mon Jan 18 2021, 10:59am
Member No: #46470
Joined: Oct 11 2016
Location: Cambridge
Agree with routemaster, people don't come back and say "that fixed it " or "that didn't fix it but then I did xxxxx". That means there is is little learning and sharing. Add to that you have to pay to be helpful - you can't post images like helpful photos or diagrams unless you do - and in recent weeks pop up adverts intervene at every turn.

No longer a pleasurable interesting forum, may still have a look every week or two to see if there is anything worthwhile but that is decreasing.

Although the OP says "there is nothing worse than waiting....", that makes me thing expectations are too high.

Not sure why I am replying to this really.


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