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06 Citroen C4 Starting Issues / Constant Self Resetting

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Sun Jan 10 2021, 01:39am
Member No: #49975
Joined: Nov 29 2017
Location: Port Elizabeth
Hi there everyone,

I am coming to you guys in need of some desperate assistance.

I have a 06 C4 1.6 Petrol.

So this is how the story goes,
Drove about 80km on morning, no issues on the car, no shuddering nothing, about three hours later the car cranks but just does not want to start.

After numerous troubleshooting, and diagnostics, it pointed to the fuel pump.

I obviously could not find a fuel pump where I am, so decided to put a wire directly from the battery to the pump to test, car starts perfectly, reconnect everything, tested voltage at the pump, nothing.

So I wired in a toggle switch to the fuel pump directly from the battery to at least get the car running.

It starts first swing, no issues.

But now, the car seems to reset itself all the time, central locking doesnt work, wipers going on randomly, the main lock/unlock button only works when the car is idling.

After some more research it points more to the BSI and the relay on there, and it seems you can just replace the relay, its all part of the BSI unit.

Has anyone ever encountered such problems? Or have someone replace that relay? A second hand BSI unit is hell expensive and scarce here.

IF anyone has any idea what I can look for it will be much appreciated

Regards from South Africa!

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