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Wheel change to 15" ?

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Sun Dec 20 2020, 01:40pm
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Location: Sofia. Bulgaria
Hello friends, I am new to the forum and I need your help. I drive a Citroen c4 coupe 2010 with 17 "inch wheels and I live in Bulgaria here we have terrible roads. With these wheels the car is very uncomfortable - it looks good, but .... I drove the same Citroen on 16" inch wheels and the difference was very small I'm considering replacing 15 "inch wheels, but I can't find images of a 15" inch c4 coupe ... I'm worried about what the car with such small wheels will look like. Can you show me yours or other Citroen C4 with 15 inch wheels. How do they look?

PS. I apologize if the post is not for this column.
Mon Dec 21 2020, 03:50am
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Location: North Norfolk UK
I can't remember the sizes now but at one time my wife and I both had C4's, hers had 17" wheels and mine 16". When winter came I put 15" winter tyres and wheels on both cars. Because the aspect ratio of the tyres is different the actual circumference of the tyres was exactly the same for all the options. Result - they all look exactly the same! There is no difference except that the sidewalls are deeper. The winters were steel wheels and I fitted genuine citroen wheel covers so they didn't look out of place.
205/55 x 16, 215/45 x 17 and 195/65 x 15 were the tyre sizes I used
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 marto1122 (27 Dec 2020 : 05:54)
Mon Dec 21 2020, 04:48am

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Check the 15" wheels do not foul the brakes.

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