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ABS/ESP warning after rear brake disc change

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Mon Nov 09 2020, 11:01am
Member No: #57102
Joined: Oct 22 2020
Location: Northampton
HI. I've changed rear discs on my C4 hatch (2005) and i instantly got a ABS/ ESP warning lights. I've read it on here that chances are it'll be the brake light switch. I have bought it(still in the post) with the wiring loom and hoping that it will solve the problem. I also read that it could be damaged ABS ring but the discs that I've bought came with a wheel bearing and ABS ring so it shouldn't be that. Im just wondering if there could be anything else.
Thank you
Mon Nov 09 2020, 01:59pm
Member No: #48843
Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
Did the new disks have the correct ABS rings?
Could you have disturbed the wiring or connector?

If you read the fault code then that should narrow down where to look.
Mon Nov 09 2020, 07:35pm
Member No: #57102
Joined: Oct 22 2020
Location: Northampton
I'll have look later when I finish work. But I know that it only came on after I have changed the driver's side because when I have changed passenger side I had to move my car and wait for brake caliper mount bolts as it got rounded on the other side. As soon as I had them I've changed the driver's side and it came on.
Wed Nov 11 2020, 03:26am
Member No: #52690
Joined: Dec 12 2018
Location: Yorkshire
if you find out what you have dislodged / upset shed the light please as i cannot for the life of me see how fickle the car is for faults for silly little bits of dirt etc, i swapped mine after i accidently lost the locking wheel nut and it threw an error ( i suspected i damaged / got it dirty whilst using a lump hammer to remove the nut. ) and waiting for a new battery to hopefully clear the ECU's to get a clear shot of this as its replacement still threw out a faulty unit....
Thu Nov 12 2020, 08:16am
Member No: #57102
Joined: Oct 22 2020
Location: Northampton
So I have replaced the switch with the wiring loom...it still comes on when I start the engine but when I start to drive it goes off but when I get to around 20mph it comes back on again.... Could it be the ABS sensor that got damaged by me whilst changing the driver's side disc?

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