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Upgrading 2013 exclusive+ C4P

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Tue Oct 20 2020, 10:52am
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Joined: Oct 20 2020
Location: Chesterfield
I have the 115 1.6 diesel and there's a few mods I'm contemplating doing to it over time, wondered if some of you guys could help at least tell me if it's possible. Firstly I want a remap as the car doesn't even get better mpg than my old 1.6i xsara picasso. I've heard there's an anti-remap protection on it, does this matter? I want an eco or stage 1 on it, nothing too massive just want some better mpg's and hopefully the added torque will make it more drivable. What's my best options with keeping costs down around east mods area?

Second is replacing the infotainment system with the updated one, are there any resources on this? The stock one is so slow and laggy, and the facelift interface just looks a lot cleaner, will it change the interface on the 12" too?

I have the god awful ETG6 box that's going to cost an arm and a leg when the clutch goes in a year or two, and can't decide what gear it wants... I just end up using it in manual mode because it's easier than guessing what it's going to do next. Anyway, I'm wondering if it's possible to put the EAT auto box in it without too much trouble? I know it's a big job but honestly it seems worth it given the cost of a clutch job and just how awful the gearbox is. Is there anything else that would need to be changed that I wouldn't think about? Obviously the drive selector on the steering column but not sure other than that.

Thanks for reading all of this. Honestly I think it's a lovely looking car, but has so many issues with it.
Wed Oct 21 2020, 07:05am
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Location: Cambridge
Can't see why you would unless you are really into such things as a hobby.

Whatever you do to the engine it will still be Euro 5, not 6, already an issue in London and other cities ULEZ zones. Suppose you remapped and got an extra 3 mpg, that saves you about £120 a year in fuel if you do 10k miles a year. Is remapping (which I think changes torque curves among other things) sensible with an ETG stuck on the end - I've never been very impressed with ETG except when driven gently although some people love them.

There are posts in the ICE and Satnav part of this forum about upgrading the infotainment to post facelift type, it can be done but you might have to budget several hundred pounds. Not sure about gearbox, but likely it would be gearbox plus ECU or gearbox plus engine plus ECU and a lot of money to do. If you did you might render the car unsaleable - would you buy a 'messed about with' car?

It's seven years old, the work will cost you a big chunk of the current trade in value. It might make a lot more sense to sell it or trade it in before the ETG breaks and buy a later model or simply live with it as it is.

(I use a phone in a holder on the air vent, plugged in to the charger USB not the 'connected' USB and apart from radio don't use the built in music/satnav these days. Android Auto on phone (doesn't talk to screen unfortunately), bluetooth streaming from phone, maps and real time traffic on google maps far better than anything thh built in stuff does)
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