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CITROËN C4 I (LC_) 1.6 16V parts diag

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Thu Oct 15 2020, 12:06pm
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Joined: Oct 15 2020
Location: Copenhagen
I have a CITROËN C4 I (LC_) 1.6 16V 2008 model.
I hit a deer a week ago, 7 kms from home! - after an uneventful 800km drive from Germany to Denmark.
It managed to lodge itself perfectly through the grill and smashed a good part of the frameface, face crossbar, air-con cooling, radiator, etc.

I replaced all the components from a donor car at the local scrap-yard (for just €200!).!yipi

However, I had no choice on the colour of the donor car so my end result a black bumper.

I have access to a national scrapyards database for used car parts where I can source the correct colour bumper and right side fender/well panel. The problem is that many do not include the colour code of the original car. They list the VIN number, but I have been unable to find a way of getting the colour code from the VIN number, unless I call Citröen and ask. This becomes a problem as I have a listing of 40 options and the Citröen guys don't exactly see any point in providing the information again and again, when I do not buy anything.

Is there a place where I can get this info online? Most VIN decoders seem to cater most for US makes.

Is there a place where I can get a parts diagram for the fender/well panel so I can see assembly instructions? I have disassembled it from the donor car where the 'streamer' alongside the windscreen was alread ripped out, etc. I would like to be able to disassemble mine without damaging that streamer.

Thu Oct 15 2020, 01:17pm
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Paint codes are usually on the door pillar label with tyre pressures

- Click Here -

Thu Oct 15 2020, 03:06pm
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Dear god, that picture of deer.
Fri Oct 16 2020, 03:00am
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Ap0qalypto wrote ...

Dear god, that picture of deer.

Shouldn't that be "oh deer"
Fri Oct 16 2020, 03:05pm
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Joined: Oct 15 2020
Location: Copenhagen
gittos wrote ...

Paint codes are usually on the door pillar label with tyre pressures

- Click Here -

I know my paint code (EYL). The problem is buying parts from scrap dealers that have not bothered to note the paint code before they strip the car. So when I lookup the parts on their national database, a few have bothered listing the paint codes but most just write metaillic silver or grey and there are different shades - like mine is ICelandic, etc.

As I wrote, they put the VIN number of the original car alongside each item for sale in the database - so I can use this to get the paint codes from the manufacturer, but I cannot call Citröen with a list of 40-50 VIN numbers and ask for the paint code of each, until I get a hit.
Mon Oct 19 2020, 01:48pm
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Joined: Oct 15 2020
Location: Copenhagen
Any help?

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