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C4GP 2008 AM6 Milkshake?

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Fri Sep 25 2020, 07:12am
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Joined: Mar 18 2016
Location: Brisbane
Wifey called today and said there was Red oil left on the driveway, its left Two significant stains on the driveway in One day.
Its always had slight leak but nothing too much to worry about.
So had a look underneath tonight and noticed oil runs underneath the car, but then noticed what looked like milkshake stains from the top of the transmission (under the air filter box) running down.
Am I right in thinking this is coolant mixing with oil?
Can coolant mix with the tranny oil?
Fri Sep 25 2020, 07:21am
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Joined: Mar 18 2016
Location: Brisbane
Fri Sep 25 2020, 08:28am
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Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
If it's an auto, then it's normal to cool the auto fluid with coolant (through the radiator).
Fri Sep 25 2020, 02:11pm
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Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
The red oil sounds like the eolys is leaking
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 SPC (25 Sep 2020 : 20:22)
Fri Sep 25 2020, 08:22pm
Member No: #44162
Joined: Mar 18 2016
Location: Brisbane
Correct Rusky, she's leaking from the DPF bag area, below the driver side rear door.

Also found two coolant leaks.
Bottom of the radiator core and where the top radiator hose plumbs into the engine (rubber hose to plastic connector).

The milkshake must be a mix of engine oil refilling spillage and the top radiator hose leak meeting.

She's on the way out now, we dont want to sink any money into it so have thrown in some radiator stop leak in a vain attempt to keep her going.

Now to pull the PDF bag off and see whats going on....
Thu Oct 01 2020, 12:19pm
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Joined: Jul 17 2011
Location: Cambridge
To replace the DPF fluid/bag at Citroen last time I asked was around £150

You can buy kits off the bay and reset it with 'lexia'.

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