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2010 C4 - Is there a way to show miles left in the tank?

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Wed Sep 09 2020, 06:27pm
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Joined: Sep 09 2020
Location: Cambridgeshire
Hi all, I recently swapped over from an 07 clio to my mums 2010 C4 (Auto) as she has a newer car now.

In the clio I could choose to display roughly how many miles there is left in the fuel tank which was really handy for planning my trips, but on the C4 I cannot find if there is a way to do so? I sat in it and was pressing all the buttons and going through the options and Mode today but could only get the MPG up. Is the miles remaining a display option in this car or am I just stuck with the ol' digital bars?
(Mum also doesn't have a clue as she just always left it how it was)

Many thanks!
Thu Sep 10 2020, 10:56am

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Location: Hoylake
Yes. It's in the trip computer on the display screen.

You display may be slightly different. Online handbook here - - Click Here - - select English first.
Thu Sep 10 2020, 03:31pm
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Joined: Sep 09 2020
Location: Cambridgeshire
Hi BigJohnD, thanks for getting back to me. I actually managed to figure it out today, I had to press the button on the end of the right stick (Wiper side) and it cycled through them all XD
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 BigJohnD (11 Sep 2020 : 14:39)
Fri Sep 11 2020, 03:26am
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Probably depends on the spec of the car for the display

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