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Stop/start 2.0HDi and 1.6HDi

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Thu Aug 27 2020, 10:10am
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Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
I am trying to find out whether there is a significant difference in stop/start systems as fitted to 2.0HDi engines, 1.6 HDi engines and 1.2 petrols. There are some differences with how they work.

My 2.0HDi will stop the engine when put into neutral at any speed up to 12mph, and only restarts when rolling in neutral at 12mph (I don't usually drive like this, it was a test), and the engine doesn't restart when you move the steering wheel. Both my (now written off) C3 1.6HDi and current 1.2 petrol only stop if you actually stop the car and restarts as soon as it moves. It also restarts as soon as the steering wheel is moved.

So the question is, does the 1.6HDi as fitted to manual C4 Picassos act like my 2.0, or are they like the two C3s. And as an extension, does anyone actually know, and I mean know, whether the 1.6 HDi restarts using an alternator/starter as on the 2.0, or just using a conventional starter. The C3s certainly sound like they use a conventional motor, but may be different to a Picasso.
Thu Aug 27 2020, 11:04am
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The 1.6 HDi uses the altenator to restart the engine and not the starter motor...I have had a C4P 5 seat (late 2015) fitted with stop/start.
Thu Aug 27 2020, 12:25pm
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Joined: Oct 11 2016
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The 1.6 definitely starts with a tug on the steering wheel, just like our C3. Can't be certain about the other question unless I go out and test it, I think it restarts if it is moving whatever the circumstances so maybe takes some instructions from the abs sensors. I have always assumed that tugging the steering wheel creates a demand on the electrics so makes it think "hey, better generate some amps" rather than any direct deliberate design. Who knows.

I have the 'spec sheet' that you used to be able to download from Citroen service but not any more. Mine is late '15 build, early 16 registered pre facelift. It lists alternator as type 18 180 amp. Under starter motor it confusingly says "start by starter" but gives no further information, lost in translation perhaps. It suggests to me that the alternator might do both jobs. I have always though that to be the case but don't know why I thought it but as gittos (above) says it is as well that makes 2.

An idea, go on a parts supplier site - like Eurocraprats - and look up alternator and started motor for your car and see what you get.


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