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2016 C4 Grand Picasso - Air Con hissing noise and reduced cooling - Resolved

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Wed Jul 29 2020, 03:55am
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Joined: Feb 21 2016
Location: Scotland
Recently my a/c cooling performance lowered and there was a hissing noise behind the dash when the a/c was on.

Took the car to ATS for a groupon £99 regas (R1234YF expensive type) and as soon as the technician removed the plastic caps on the filling ports there was a slow hissing noise. It was clear that the schrader valve cores were leaking. ATS don't do a/c repairs as such but the tech did mention it was possible to replace the cores.

Contacted citroen parts who advised the pair of cores would be £120!!! (think this also included new caps which were not necessary)

Ordered a schrader a/c core remover off the web to unscrew the cores and used the existing ones to identify replacements. When the cores are removed or compressed whatever remaining gas is in the system will vent out.
It was clear that the seals were ruptured. Managed to find a pack of 5x (only 2 needed) psa m8 cores from eurocarparts for £12 which seemed higher quality to oem (ecp part no 255770030) they do say R134 next to part name but they are of same dimensions etc. Don't overtighten the new cores, if you snap one, you are goosed!! Tighten with just fingers on the tool.

Back to ATS and aircon now been fully vacuum tested and recharged with 625g of R1234YF.

Total cost roughly £120
My dealer would have been minimum of £320 as they charge £200 for the recharge alone.

Hopefully this helps someone. Obviously this is at your own risk. Ideally a machine should have been used to extract what was left of the old gas but because I had a leak there was minimal anyway

Wed Jul 29 2020, 04:27am
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Expect the wrath of eco green nutters to complain about how you are destroying the planet!!!!!!
Wed Jul 29 2020, 02:37pm
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Joined: Feb 21 2016
Location: Scotland
Haha wouldn't surprise me. The new stuff is meant to be no worse than an aerosol or something 😄
Thu Jul 30 2020, 03:56am
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Location: Ireland Fermanagh & Galway
Just out of interest I went to have my R1234YF topped up as it was not as cold as it used to be and after testing they concluded it was losing gas albeit slowly they discovered it was the inlet vale. They emptied they removed the gas and order new vale, two days later they fitted and refilled the system and now working fine

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