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Automatic lowering reverse Mirror ?

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Sat Jul 25 2020, 04:28pm
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Joined: Jul 19 2020
Location: Germany

if my car has the function for automatic lowering reverse mirror - this feature should be also work. But it doesnt work.

Let me explain.

I unlocked this Feature in BSI and it works ONE Time. After the first try - there are two Error

Errorcode: FC02

Its not possible to delete this two error until i disconnect and connect the battery

I replace both engine because some tooths was broken. no changes

i check the details and saw the horizontal and vertical Position are empty... Where they get from ?

Right Mirror - Both positions "0"

Left Mirror

FC02 - Diagbox

In some Threads i read, thats PCB Problem - in this case i dont think so...


I used the ²nd mechanic Key - first was lost by first owner.

Any suggestions?

Best Regards in Advance

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