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Grand C4 Picasso or Space Tourer?

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Sun Jul 12 2020, 07:34pm
Member No: #56291
Joined: Jun 21 2020
Location: London
I need some advice.

I've seen a Grand C4 Picasso, low mileage 2016 plate. Not the cheapest in the market... but at the price, I'm happy to buy.

But... just £1500 more, I can get a 2018 Grand C4 Space Tourer, only driven 1 year 5 months.

Picasso, is auto - which I want.

Space Tourer is a manual. Hmm... next nearest auto is £4k more.
(Both are basic models - but I'm OK with that.)

I can't make my mind up which to go for.
What would you guys say?

Auto is for the wife, she can drive manual, but she's a woman. (Hope no one slaps me down for my joke - except it's not a joke for me 😕.)

Space Tourer still has manufacturer warranty. I've seen 3 for sale, all similar prices. But has road tax of £150. Which... I could live with.

Picasso is road tax £20, fuel economy is better on stated figures (but in another thread, I've been told older figures are not a reliable figure). 3 month warranty given only by dealer.
Mon Jul 13 2020, 05:28am
Member No: #30055
Joined: Apr 02 2013
Location: Bolton
If you need an Auto buy the Auto, all things equal the fuel consuption will be the same as they both have the same engine, only differnece is the gearbox, the auto will give slighly less mpg - probably about 5% I would think from my experience of ownig both manual and auto.

Decide what you need ie auto or manual and what you can afford....I think you are over thinking this and making the decision unnecessarily difficult.
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 matrixstar (13 Jul 2020 : 05:47)
Mon Jul 13 2020, 05:47am
Member No: #56291
Joined: Jun 21 2020
Location: London
I'll go for the manual I think 🙂
Thanks for replying
Mon Jul 13 2020, 02:52pm
Member No: #56245
Joined: Jun 14 2020
Location: North Yorkshire
If both are similar money and similar spec I'd go for the newer of the two.

Although if your happy spending 1500 more to go for the spacetourer, I'd be tempted to use that extra 1500 to find a better equipped older model, more toys and less tax
Mon Jul 13 2020, 06:54pm
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Joined: Oct 08 2011
Location: london
As you from London as well, both of my cars are manual although one is intended for aboard journey use only. It’s really not practical to drive manual car in London if you use it during rush hours, No matter how hard I try and respect the car Smooth driving keep distance, some fool jumps in front of me and brake or cut across and force me to slow down and clutch/brake harshly, also slow traffics is just so hard to keep up with Correct gear change and on time and safely, put it in wrong gear idiots over take you or honk their horn at you.

Go with one that has Citroen warranty left on it, and buy extended warranty from Citroen dealers for it, my 2015 model ran out of warranty and Three months later clutch went and shortly after AC condenser , cost me so much money way more than the price of three year extended warranty, I didn’t know such thing existed back then.

Both cars are very low mileage
2015 30k
2017 11k
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 matrixstar (19 Jul 2020 : 19:43)

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