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A tip about tow bars vs parking sensors

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Author Post
Sat Jul 11 2020, 01:25pm
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Joined: Jun 13 2020
Location: Sweden
I would like to share something I discovered that others may encounter.
When I bought my 2010 C4 Grand Picasso recently the parking assistans system was faulty. I diagnosed and it said left sensor was broke. I managed to change the sensor and the error code was gone. However when I put in reverse it just beeped constantly and show the middle part of sensors area as fully blocked. Even though nothing was close. After some intensive googleing I saw many topics about after market tow bars, and wether they would be noticed by parking sensors or not. Some said yes and some said no. One forum (other car brand) mentioned that the plastic cover on the tow bar hook was enough to disturb the sensors. I thought this is a long shot but I will give it a try... so I removed the cover and voila! Sensors worked like normal! I was beginning to think that it would be impossible to have a fixed after market tow bar and use parking sensors. But now I am do satisfied of having made this discovery! 😁
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