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USB outlet only in lower main dashboard behind door?

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Mon Jul 06 2020, 01:52pm
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Joined: Jul 06 2020
Location: London
Just got a new 2020 C4 Grand Spacetourer. Using the USB port hidden behind the door under the main dashboard (beneath the touch screen etc). So when you connect phone the cable now is trapped by the door if you close the door (i.e. to use the cupholders for example) - Am I missing some other USB outlet? Feels like there should be one on the dash so this problem doesn't happen? I can jam the console door shut but it crushes the cable as well....
Mon Jul 06 2020, 02:14pm
Member No: #30055
Joined: Apr 02 2013
Location: Bolton
That is the only usb. If you need one for charging buy an adapter and plug in between the front seats at the rear of the centre storage box.
Mon Jul 06 2020, 02:40pm
Member No: #56419
Joined: Jul 06 2020
Location: London
Thanks glad I wasn't missing something - what a weird design!! Would thought they'd have left a notch or something on the door at least to let a cable out...
Mon Jul 06 2020, 03:05pm
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Joined: Oct 11 2016
Location: Cambridge
The inside shape of the box lid, when open, is supposed to support a phone against a little ledge at the bottom. I guess that's why they though it didn't need a way out for the cable. Utterly useless, by the time you look down at the phone and back up again you will have hit several things.

I use google maps instead of the old SMEG satnav which is poor for traffic (mine is pre-2016 - facelift, no android auto) so I put the phone in a vent holder and route the phone cable out the top just to the left of the central catch and slam the door shut. Ker-bang. It works, but its poorly thought out.
Thu Jul 16 2020, 01:33pm
Member No: #55479
Joined: Jan 24 2020
Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne
I plug my phone in and close the door. Everything I need to use on my phone is available in Android Auto.

Does the Spacetourer have Android Auto as standard?
Thu Jul 16 2020, 01:58pm
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Joined: Jul 21 2011
Location: Ireland Fermanagh & Galway
I am not sure about the 2020 car but on the earlier cars there is a 220v template which you can remove and you can put your usb cable though that
Fri Jul 17 2020, 08:11am
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Joined: Oct 11 2016
Location: Cambridge
Android Auto should be on every post facelift (late 2016) Picasso or Spacetourer, so if it's called Spacetourer it should have it. Check carefully though, I have a vague memory that some base models come without.

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